Certified product quality

The Młyn Niedźwiady company has been operating on the Polish market since 1993

Even though it is a small family company, it has extensive experience in developing and implementing innovative technologies and products, including those protected by protection certificates granted by the Patent Office.

Młyn Niedźwiady is a producer of certified food:

We place particular emphasis on the production of non-standard flours: flours from legume seeds, flours from oil plant pomace, precooked flours, plant fibers. We use only natural and non-genetically modified ingredients for production, cooperating only with qualified, proven suppliers, controlling them from sowing to harvesting and storage.

We produce our flours from whole grains, constantly improving the production process in accordance with the International Food Standard IFS. The company’s laboratory plays a special role in the entire process, where before releasing products for sale, we examine, among others:

These tests are complemented by detailed analyzes of the content of heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins and, for new products, nutritional values, storage and sensory tests, which we commission from accredited laboratories.

In our bakery, we test-bake finished products and also prepare and test new baking mixtures. We improve the qualifications of management staff and production employees through regular training, with particular emphasis on external training conducted by specialized trainers.

Our pride is the sales department, which monitors the needs of our customers on an ongoing basis, guided by the principles of business ethics and the quality policy in force at the Mill. Producing safe, legal products that meet the expectations of our customers is of fundamental importance to us in building the image of Młyn on the domestic and international markets.

Our certificates

Certified quality of Młyn Niedźwiady products

In order to confirm the quality of the services we provide and the attention we pay to ensuring food safety in 2021, we have implemented the International Food Standard IFS.

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